NASA – Vote for NASA's Biggest Hits for the Home Planet

NASA - Online Poll Ranks, Earth Day
NASA - Online Poll Ranks, Earth Day

In the 50 years that NASA has been in the space game, it has scored a long string of triumphs in spaceflight and the exploration of distant worlds and the cosmos. No less impressive is NASA’s record of wins for the home team: planet Earth and all of us living on it. With a strong roster of globe-circling satellites, flying labs, advanced computing, and scientists and engineers, NASA has led the way in seeing a whole new Earth and understanding our responsibility for its future.

Last year, the National Academy of Sciences cataloged the biggest achievements gained from five decades of observing Earth from space. NASA played a big part in these accomplishments that have changed our world. Which ones do you think are NASA’s biggest hits?

You can vote here for up to three of the accomplishments below. The poll closes at 4 p.m. EDT on April 21. Results will be announced on Earth Day, April 22.

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