Philippe Starck Unveils Two Revolutionair Wind Turbines! | Inhabitat

Foto:  Inhabitat
Foto: Inhabitat

This just in – world-renowned super designer Philippe Starck has just revealed two highly-anticipated wind turbine designs for home use! Dubbed “Revolutionair,” the sleek turbines were officially debuted after a lengthy 2 years of research and work. We brought you news of the quadrangular turbine when it was first revealed, and we were pleasantly surprised to see a brand new, never before seen helix-shaped version of the Revolutionair unveiled by Starck today.

vía Philippe Starck Unveils Two Revolutionair Wind Turbines! | Inhabitat.

Revolutionair Wind Turbines by Philippe Starck – dexigner

Philippe Starck has turned his attention to energy with the design of two sleek micro wind-power turbines aimed at domestic use.

Starck on Wednesday unveiled the «Revolutionair» turbines, made by Italy’s Pramac, which makes power generation equipment, after two years of work on the project.

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