The deeply strange “1001 Nights” house by architects A-Cero



"1001 Nights" private dwelling by architects A-Cero - Gizmag
"1001 Nights" private dwelling by architects A-Cero - Gizmag

Madrid-based A-Cero architects are a big deal in Spain with public and residential projects across the country plus South America and the Middle East. Lead architect and principal Joaquin Torres is bit of a celebrity and recently appeared on Spanish TV’s equivalent of “The Secret Millionaire” (giving away money of course, not receiving it). Unashamedly modernist, the A-Cero house style generally involves sweeping curved gestures in gleaming white. With the latest residential project however, Joaquin seems to have embraced the dark side and produced a dwelling of such stunning brutality and “otherness” that it could easily be an alien fortress on a distant planet. We love it. It’s also one of the few buildings that actually looks good illuminated by multi-colored LEDs.

The deeply strange “1001 Nights” house by architects A-Cero.

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