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Ernesto Bueno
Ernesto Bueno

Ernesto Bueno1

1Department of Architecture, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, C. Immaculada, 22, 08017 Barcelona, Spain


This paper describes the design stage of an on-going research project for the construction of a pavilion that mimics the bone structures of Radiolarians. In the process, several constructive and generative algorithms are developed, together with geometric and trigonometric functions, all implemented in RhinoScript and a math plug-in for the NURBS modeler Rhinoceros. There has been considerable emphasis on the generation of the Radiolarian cell that is tessellated along a stereographic surface with a honeycomb-based algorithm. It combines design strategies from biomimetics, mathematical functions, generative scripting, process automation and versioning, all integrated into an algorithmic methodology for creating a non-standard structure, capable of being manufactured with CNC technology, and doing so, setting a precedent in the academic and professional environment in which it will be located.

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My IJAC article is finally online! #GenArch #RhinoScript

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