Top Ten de los más influyentes en el Tópico #Architecture según Klout | Midiendo Influencia en Redes Sociales

  1. ArchDaily

    (64) World’s most visited architecture website.

  2. Architectural Record

    (52) Architecture Design for Architects.

  3. ARCHITECT magazine

    (54) The magazine of the American Institute of Architects (@AIANational). Published by Hanley Wood, LLC.

  4. Architects Newspaper

    (51) Architecture and design news from New York, California, the Midwest & beyond.

  5. Architecture for Humanity

    (53) Architecture for Humanity brings design, construction, and development services to communities in need.

  6. Derek Leavitt

    (33) Architect focused on modern design – Interested in all things creative – Love to help non-architects learn about architecture. @modative principal + co-founder.

  7. Chicago Architecture Foundation

    (53) Chicago Architecture Foundation: tours, exhibitions, programs, shop, family programs. Tweets by Jennifer.

  8. Cindy Frewen

    (42) Architect, futurist, urban designer, rhetorician, adjunct prof, treehugger, former biz owner now a writer/analyst exploring city futures, reborn from @cindyfw.

  9. AIA

    (52) The American Institute of Architects — Sharing your passion for creating better places to live, work, and play. Feeds by @sybilwb.

  10. Dezeen

    (63) Architecture and design magazine.

vía Architecture | Klout.

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According to @klout, the top influencers about Architecture are @ArchDaily, @ArchRecord, @architectmag, and @archpaper. Check it out!

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