Hoy abre sus puertas el Porsche Museum

Porsche Museum, proyecto de Delugan Meissl
Porsche Museum, proyecto de Delugan Meissl

Desde el 31 de enero de 2009, los amantes de Porsche podrán ver y disfrutar más de 80 coches y su historia en el nuevo museo de Porsche (inglés), edificado en Stuttgart.

Porsche estrena un nuevo museo en Stuttgart – 20minutos.es

Porsche Museum Website

The Architecture
New Porsche Museum takes to the air
There’s no doubt about it, even now: the new edifice by Vienna’s Delugan Meissl is an eye-catcher. Although the building isn’t quite finished yet, the fascinating impact of the monolithic, virtually floating exhibition hall can already be felt. This bold and dynamic architecture reflects the company’s philosophy and provides a foretaste of the experience that awaits visitors to the future museum. It is designed to convey a sense of arrival and approachability, and to guide the visitors smoothly from the basement level into the superstructure.

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

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