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SmartGeometry 2010 se celebrará los días 23 y 24 de marzo en Barcelona., el principal acto dedicado a las herramientas, tecnologías y metodologías de diseño más innovadoras, que posibilitan y fomentan nuevas formas de expresión arquitectónica y estructural.

El tema de este año será «Prototipos en Funcionamiento”.

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SmartGeometry 2010 Conference
March 23-24, 2010
Barcelona, Spain

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Cities in 3D Case Study: Fredericton, Canada

Cities and local governments around the world are beginning to realize that it takes more than a traditional website to get discovered. Millions of people around the world are touring the planet or searching for businesses through free geospatial tools like Google Earth and Google Maps. Imagery, terrain, and 3D models all help these virtual visitors to formulate a picture in their mind.

The City of Fredericton uses Google Earth for city planning and other official uses. They had access to 3D building data so when they learned about Google’s Cities in 3D Program they offered to contribute their data to Google in the hope that it might appear in Google Earth. In addition to Google Earth, 3D data contributed to Google is used to display 3D buildings in Google Maps, which will benefit anyone trying to find a specific location in the City. If you’re a city or local government, have access to 3D data, and would like to «get on the virtual map», we encourage you to learn more by visiting our Cities in 3D Program website.


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