Princeton University Selects Architect for New Train Station, Modifies Arts and Transit Plans

Plan del conjunto - intervención - Fuente:
Plan del conjunto - intervención - Fuente:

Princeton University is preparing to submit plans to the Regional Planning Board of Princeton for its $300 million arts and transit neighborhood by this spring. Those plans have been modified in recent weeks, according to University officials.

The University has selected Rick Joy, a leading American architect with experience designing train stations, as the architect to design the new Dinky station building and Wawa, and renovate the existing station buildings for use as a restaurant and café.

Princeton Borough and Princeton Township approving zoning changes for the University project to move forward late last year. The zoning changes have been challenged by residents in a lawsuit.

Plans for construction of the new station and the renovation of the existing station buildings will be included in the University’s submission to the Planning Board.

Princeton University Vice President and Secretary Robert Durkee sent a letter to the planning board today updating the board on recent project developments.

“In recent weeks we have made further adjustments to accommodate specific requirements in the new zoning ordinances and to reflect both suggestions from members of the community and the more detailed design that can be done now that zoning is in place to allow us to proceed with the project,” Durkee wrote. “All of the basic elements of the plan remain: the roadway improvements, including the roundabout at Alexander and University Place; the new train station incorporating the Wawa and the associated transit plaza and parking; the driveway into the Lot 7 garage; the conversion of the existing station buildings into a restaurant and café; extensive landscaping; and, of course, the first phase arts buildings and public plaza designed by Stephen Holl.”

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